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The ReHyb project will develop a hybrid upper-limb exoskeleton that uses its own sensing and novel actuation capabilities for generating the digital twin of the user. The advanced cognitive system will interface the digital twin to plan and control the hybrid exoskeleton so that the control system sympathetically respects user’s neuromechanical and psychological status, and intelligently assists the user’s motion. The cognitive capability accomplishes the robotic system to predict user behaviour and derive personalised interaction strategies by accessing to the digitised knowledge about the user. The hybrid of powered exoskeleton and FES on the user’s arm and hand allow the assistive interaction at the behavioural and muscle levels, which increases the interaction efficacy by improving the user model and wearability of the system, while an advanced control algorithm ensures all interaction strategies are executed safely and robustly.

Latest news

REHYB@VALDUCE: Second demo session on exoskeletons

13.01.2022 The Villa Beretta Rehabilitation Centre, Department of Rehabilitation Medicine of VALDUCE Hospital, has a long-time experience in the testing of innovative technologies for neuro-motor-cognitive rehabilitation. This is the result …

ReHyb@SK: Pilot studies with patients started

29.07.2021 With years of experience in scientifically exploring and evaluating device-based therapies, the role of Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling – Harthausen in the ReHyb project is to accompany and evaluate …

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