IUVO is a spin-off company of The BioRobotics Institute, SSSA. Its mission is to develop innovative wearable robotics technologies and foster their market exploitation in different market field, such as medical, industrial and consumer. On August 2017, a joint venture between COMAU Spa (an Italian company market leader in the field of industrial automation and robotics; COMAU belongs to the FCA group) and Össur (an Icelandic company market leader in the fields of prosthetics and orthotics) invested in IUVO, with the ultimate goal to foster a wide adoption of wearable robotic technologies in daily-life scenarios. Currently IUVO is focusing on the development of two products: a passive upper limb exoskeleton for worker support in collaboration with COMAU (which recently reached the market with the name COMAU MATE: https://www.comau.com/IT/MATE), and an active pelvis orthosis for the gait support of patients in collaboration with Össur.
In this project, within WP4, IUVO will be responsible to develop a novel fully portable shoulder exoskeleton integrating FES that can provide assistance to people with upper-limb impairment. IUVO will also give a significant contribution to the integration process and to the IPR management, as well as to the definition of the exploitation plan.



Website: https://www.iuvo.company/

Address: via Puglie, 9 – 56025 Pontedera, Italy