ReHyb@SK: Kicking-off Clinical Study on the Feasibility of the ReHyb System

22.01.2024: The ReHyb team proudly announces that in December 2023, the first patient was tested @SK with the spring-loaded ReHyb platform. After four years of development – including strong interdisciplinary cooperation between clinicians and technicians to develop a user-friendly device – it is exciting to see the first interaction of a patient with the ReHyb system (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Evaluation of the ReHyb system

The final evaluation of the ReHyb system is being conducted as a multicenter study (@SK and @VALDUCE) to primarily test the feasibility, functionality, and usability of the hybrid neuroprosthesis. So far, two patients have completed the study with a general positive rating of the ReHyb system. 

We are now looking forward to collecting more data and performing a detailed data analysis. The target number of participants is 20 patients after stroke, to be recruited within the next months.