REHYB@SK: Development of an upper limb neuroprosthesis using a participatory design

28.08.2020. For several years Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling has offered robotic treatment in combination with serious gaming, and functional electrical stimulation as part of their standard neurorehabilitation treatment. Since the implementation of the first device in our hospital, the effects of these specific therapies have been investigated to support evidence based medicine. 

Upper limb therapy with a fully powered robotic device combined with serious gaming.

Due to the wide expertise in applying and scientifically exploring device-based therapies, we have been involved in many national and international research & development projects. Our team is now happy and proud to be part of the ReHyb project!

The ReHyb project follows a participatory design approach, which means that all stakeholders will be actively involved in the development and testing, so that the new therapeutic device will best meet the needs of all stakeholders and is finally a usable system. 

A workshop including one primary stakeholder group, the therapists, was done recently to elaborate user-specific and system requirements. The therapists joining the workshop are experts in using robotic devices, functional electrical stimulation and/or serious games in patients who suffer from multiple impairments after a stroke. They had the opportunity to share their experiences with previous devices and mentioned important desired features. Parameters were defined, which are valuable for therapists to evaluate the patient’s performance and to observe a patient’s progress over. 

Workshop with therapists at Schoen Clinic Bad Aibling Harthausen. Covid-19 secured – just for the pic so close together with bated breath. The technical partners of the ReHyb system joined the workshop via video call.