REHYB@ÖSSUR: Identifying user groups

30.11.2020. The ReHyb project aims at providing solutions that can assist in rehabilition of upper limbs and to provide assistance in ADL to persons that have finished rehabilitation.  As part of the project, we are looking into potential user groups for the technology.  At first glance the opportunities are easy to find and it seems logical to focus on only a few scenarios to start with.  For example on stroke, the World Stroke Organisation (WSO) estimates in a recent fact sheet that more than 13,7 million people suffer from stroke each year and that more than 80 million people are currently living after experiencing a stroke.  The impact of stroke on a person‘s life is very different but it can be estimated that at least 1/3 of stroke sufferers will need assistance in form of rehabilitation and/or assistive devices.  This need we are planning to assess better in the ReHyb project.