REHYB@DTU: Upper-limb exoskeleton prototype utilizing Lego Technic components

DTU exoskeleton prototype

25.03.2021. Technical University of Denmark has the responsibility for designing the interfaces between the human stroke patient and the computers and robotics that form the hybrid exoskeletal neuroprosthesis. To understand the interactions between the patients and technology, a master candidate, Barnabás Homola, developed an upper-limb exoskeleton prototype utilizing Lego Technic components. The exoskeleton prototype is controlled by combining a BrickPi as the interface to the Lego motors and a Raspberry Pi to serve as the central control unit and interface to external computers for programming and exportation of sensor data.

While he has recently graduated in January, his work continues to serve as a foundation of knowledge and inspiration for other Master projects. Students at TUM have made a duplicate of the LEGO exoskeleton, solely relying on Barnabas documentation and instructions for prototype construction. An exchange student from the University of Glasgow converted the upper-limb exoskeleton to a leg exoskeleton for the rehabilitation of children suffering from cerebral palsy for her master thesis.  

Barnabás has made his documentation and source code available on the Rehyb Project’s Github portal located here: