REHYB@DTU: The Human Digital Twin

10.02.2023. DTU’s researchers continue proliferating their knowledge and expertise gained through the ReHyb project with other European research institutions. On the 31st of January, DTU was hosted by Elin Anna Topp and the Robotics and Semantic Systems research group in the Department of Computer Science, Lund University, for a research seminar. DTU’s three researchers presented their efforts in developing the Socially Cooperative Feedback System and the Human Digital Twin, which are integral to the ReHyb project’s exoskeleton system for the hybrid rehabilitation of stroke patients.

Ph.D. Researcher, Martin Wolfgang Lauer-Schmaltz, presenting his work on Human Digital Twins. The slide presentation shows the creation of a personalized avatar as a representation of a digital twin based on the input of single picture of Martin by using the tool,