REHYB@VALDUCE: Users evaluation on patient dashboard interface

22.02.2023. VALDUCE and DTU have established a focused collaboration to conduct tests with stroke patients at VALDUCE in order to have a user evaluation regarding the patient version of the dashboard DTU is developing for Rehyb system. The goal of this activity was to deliver the best experience to stroke patients during the use of the dashboard to keep their motivation high and promote progression throughout their rehabilitation journey.

In this sense between late October 2022 and mid January 2023, a student from DTU visited VALDUCE to conduct different evaluations at our facility with both therapists and patients. Through verbal protocols, he gathered knowledge to validate the concepts behind the interface and make design decisions.

In the first evaluation with therapists, the most important aspects regarding how the patient is assessed and motivated during rehabilitation were analyzed. In the second evaluation, patients were asked to navigate through the prototype of the patient’s dashboard to get insights and improve the user experience based on their expectations. The last evaluation was a Human-Computer Interface experiment where patients were observed performing tasks via the prototype to select the best version of the dashboard.

Through these various reiterations, the interface design was modified based on the data collected as well as the hierarchy of the architecture was redefined regarding the content to be displayed or highlighted.

In addition, at the end of each session, patients filled out questionnaires to measure their perception of the usability of the system as well as loyalty and general satisfaction.

This project resulted in improvements to the patient dashboard interface that provide a validated basis for future development.