REHYB@SK: Workshop on electrode design with occupational and physical therapists

09.06.2023. Practical operation of devices and equipment plays a crucial role in therapy in the clinical setting.

SK welcomed TECNALIA, and TUM, and Valduce (online) for a 1-day hybrid-workshop on the design of the FES electrodes for final adjustments. TECNALIA presented the latest developments on the electrodes that were implemented since the last feedback and try-out sessions. Therapists from SK with great expertise in FES were invited to participate and provide feedback on the donning and doffing procedure with the mock-up electrodes.

Great ideas emerged from this workshop on how the handling could be improved. A big thanks to the therapists for their time and input! We are especially happy about their positive feedback on the electrode design!

Looking forward to the next workshop at Valduce.

Figure 1: Evaluating the electrode design with the ReHyb Team and therapists