Announcement: EU Approved REHYB Project Extension

13.09.2023. We are thrilled to bring you some important news regarding the REHYB project. The European Union has officially accepted our request for an extension amendment. This is a testament to the significance and potential impact of our project, and we are grateful for the continued trust and support from the EU.

What does this mean for REHYB?

This extension ensures that we have additional time to refine, test, and optimize our initiatives, pushing the boundaries of hybrid human-robot systems even further. We remain committed to our mission and vision, and with this extension, we are confident in delivering even more value to our stakeholders and the communities we serve.

New Project Closing Date

Please note that with the extension granted, the new official closing date for the REHYB project is now set for 30th June 2024. This provides our team with the opportunity to carry out all planned activities in a comprehensive manner, ensuring that all project objectives are met with the highest standards.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in the project – our dedicated team, partners, and supporters. Your continuous efforts, collaboration, and belief in the project’s goals are what drive us forward.

Stay tuned for more updates and progress reports as we continue our journey to advance hybrid robotic systems.